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Analysis and Design of Flight Vehicle Structures by Elmer Franklin Bruhn may as well have been written in Latin when I purchased my first copy more than twenty-five years ago. It is arguably the most comprehensive book on aircraft stress analysis ever written.

Bruhn Errata is a compilation of the mistakes, omissions and typographical errors my teammates and I have discovered in the last two decades. The examples in "Bruhn" are condensed. The book could easily be expanded to fill a five volume set. I would organize it differently ... but as Marge and Homer Simpson might say, "It's easy to criticize ... and FUN TOO!"

If you insist on throwing your life away by pursuing a career in aeronautical or aerospace engineering ... study Analysis and Design of Flight Vehicle Structures by Elmer F. Bruhn and the first edition of Aircraft Structures by David J. Peery. A lot of subjects are still Greek to me, but in the last thirty years I have learned this much pseudo-Latin:


Special thanks to Dr. Charles (Ben) Basye, Dr. Charles R. Mischke, Dr. William F. Riley, Dr. Loren W. Zachary, Sherman Burns, Glen Crawford, Don Fee, Keith Francois, Irv Gerks, Chuck Gregory, Gary Holst, Lou Mavros, Bill Merrick, Rex Sanger, Fred Taylor ... the many contributors such as Jim Baldwin, Robert Booth, Chris Boshers, Jeremy deNoyelles, Frank Dylla, Rudy Haitchi, Ned Hanson, Sergei Javadoff, Chuck Lilly, Spero Papantos, Craig Plunkett, Jeff Schmidt, Clint Smith, Curt Wigant, Joe Zuklic ... my extended family from Norway to California ... all of the fine folks in and around Maquoketa and the state of Iowa. Takk så mye!

Finally, an ever grateful "thousand thanks" to all veterans ...